Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Cloth Nappy Stigma (and maybe a bit of a rant)

Well I googled cloth nappies and came across an article written by a female journalist. She talked about cloth nappies and the "attitude" that seemed to come with them. Although I was surprised at how ignorant she was about actual cloth diapering, I understood what she meant. It is sort of the attitude that the cloth nappying mother has it together and the disposable using mother does not. Sort of the same attitude that can come with a home birther toward another mother who had a cesarean, or the baby wearing mom to the one who puts her baby in a pram, or the scheduler to the demand feeder. And I am surprised at myself for even sympathizing as I am an avid baby wearer/home birther/demand breastfeeder/homeschooler/don't let them cry-it-out because it sends stress hormones to the brain and until 7ish months they don't understand that you are not actually physically part of them (but that's a whole different blog) type of mom. So why? Well I guess it is because I have been on the other side. And now that I cloth diaper, I see the response I sometimes get when I tell other moms. Like they suddenly feel guilty about using disposables and feel like they have failed in some way. I have a friend who had two sets of twins in a row. Yes no joke. And I do not expect her to cloth diaper all of her children. She can't afford a nanny or a nappy laundering service. Or just like my other friend who had every intention of having a home all natural water birth. But the baby was breach and it would have been quite dangerous in this case to try it naturally, besides the fact that the NHS does not allow home births in a breach case. So is she suddenly not a good mom? Actually she is a wonderful loving mother!
So if you are a Cloth Nappy-er. Bear in mind that it is a gift, it is fun and in my case, it saves a lot of money. I only have one baby right now and it isn't that hard to do either. So if you can, use cloth, and let the moms who really need to use disposables use dispoables...without the guilt trip.


  1. Agreed (albeit a little late posting). I used disposables until I figured out a cloth system that worked for us and actually saves us money, even with coin laundry. Every Mom is different, but most do a d@mn good job :)