Saturday, 5 September 2009

How to turn a PUL wrap and a large insert into an All in Two

This is very simple and works if you like the Pop In (by Close Parent) or other All in Twos. It is a good way to turn your nappy covers into nappies.

The instructions are as follows.

You will need:
1 PUL nappy cover. A good fitting one. Nappy covers with a second layer of fabric, either inside or outside work best as well. It adds to the durability.
2. Large insert that fills the nappy cover well. Night insert work well. (you can also sew an insert to fit)
3. Aplix/Velcro, Hook and Loop. Or plastic snaps/press studs, if you have the press to attach them. I will admit that I don't really like aplix all that much and in this case it is a small pain to clean out so I did it with snaps.

Sew a strip or two 2 inch square (spaced out) of loop Aplix/Velcro onto the back inside of the wrap. Make sure to place it as high up the back as you want the insert to reach.
Next sew a strip (or two spaced out 2 inch squares) of hook velcro/aplix near the end on the insert. Be sure to place it so the insert will sit in the right place when attached.

You can also do this at the front as well if you want the insert to stick better. But just at the back will hold it.
It is helpful to have a strip of loop available for washing to use as a laundry tab. Another option is to put the Hook tape on the Cover and sew in another strip of Loop for a laundry tab. Then put the loop strip on the insert.

This tutorial also works great with snaps if you have a snap press. Just place the snaps accordingly and wala, you have a snap in insert All in Two.

Please let me know how this works for you if you try it :)

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