Friday, 25 September 2009

New Tutorials on the way!!!

I will soon be posting a tutorial for a onesize, pocket nappy, very similar to the Bum Genius. AMP or blueberry style.
I have been on a quest to design a fully effective onesize pocket that is slim. very SLIM. I have seen the bum genius on a 2 month old and it was SOOO bulky. So I want to make one with all the qualities but slim. Difficult stuff. I don't even know if its possible but I am going to try. I also am going to design without the velcro/aplix as it dies so quickly. I figure, why even make a nice, long lasting nappy if the velcro dies at the end of the first child. I do like velcro for the ease of fastening but snaps seem to be doing fine and I am finally getting my little 10 month old trained to lay still while I change her. Although for the sake of all who love aplix I will include both options in my tutorial. I have been experimenting with many types of fabric and I am going to use in the tutorial the most absorbant yet slim. Basically the most effective fabric wins. I'll keep you posted!

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