Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The reason I blog cloth nappies!

Well I have started this blog...purely to post tutorials and any other helpful info about making your own cloth nappies, wraps etc. Cloth nappies, (wonderful as they are) can be pricey, and when you look at the different sizing, nappy wraps/covers, how often you wash them, and other accessories it all adds up. Still, far cheaper than disposables, it is worth it. But there are circumstances, like my own, where even fitted cloth nappies were not really an option as laying down that initial sum was just too much.
So I decided to make my own. And I had some ideas about the sort of nappy I wanted. I have long since learned, there is no one superior nappy. All mums are different and like different kinds best. But the one I designed for myself has all the qualities that I would want most in a cloth nappy. Not to mention... CHEAP! I will list them...

1. Effective. I need them to actually work.
2. Easy to use. Simple. Although it was very important for me to be able to use woolen covers as well as PUL covers so I designed them to need a cover. Some people do not like this.
3. Slim (or at least slim-ish). Though I do think poofy bum is adorable. I just need it to fit from birth to potty and not bulk out too much on a newborn.
4. Pocket nappy. I wanted to be able to change the absorbency without the extra insert sliding all around.
5. Onesize. Very important. I like lots of adjustment range.
6. No snaps or aplix/velcro. The reason no snaps is because not everyone has a snap press or pliers and the reason for no velcro is that it wears out quite quickly and there is no point in long lasting onesize nappies if the velcro is going to go. So a Nappy Nippa it it adds to the adjustability.
7. Simple to make. I enjoy complex sewing but when I decided to make this into a tutorial I thought that simple is best.
8. Microfleece or polar fleece inside. No slipping liners and a nice dry bum. Plus the poo does not stick well to it so easier cleaning.
9. Maximum absorbency to bulk. I want all the fabric used to be put to good use. No useless extra layers.
10. Good containment. So elasticated leg holes and back.
11. Easy-to-find fabric. You should be able to get all the fabric from charity shops/thrift stores car boot sales/swap meets or your husbands old wardrobe.
12. Cheap.
13. Cute.

These were my stipulations. You can make inexpensive nappies that are still very effective and lovely!


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